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About BPO Academy Nigeria

Business Process Outsourcing Academy of Nigeria (BACAN) is the first Pan Nigeria BPO training organization and consulting firm in Nigeria. Built around a unique DNA, the Outsourcing Standards and Certifications Institute (BPO) programmes and activities are founded on the most sophisticated and relevant global standards shared by OSCI – systems and processes that are being used world-wide in the development of human talents for the BPO industry. More importantly, BACAN is the only touch-point in Nigeria for attaining the prestigious Outsourcing Standards and Certifications Institute (BPO) certifications.

An initiative of Multimix Academy, BACAN brings into Nigeria, the world’s most advanced BPO & Call Center Training & Certification programs as the Chartered Certification Training Provider for BPO, the world’s most advanced BPO Certification body.

“Our mission is to offer state of the art BPO training and talent development solutions to, not only the existing Nigerian BPO players but also, those who plan to set up their operations in Nigeria in the next few years.”

Our Mission

“The key objective of the BACAN‐ BPO initiatives in Nigeria is to empower youths and the unemployed with the knowledge, skills, competencies and behaviors critically required for becoming employable in white collar jobs in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO industries.)”

Our Objectives
  • BPO organizations and multinationals are in dare need of qualified BPO professionals.
  • More foreign BPO organizations are on their way to Nigeria.
  • Qualified BPO Professionals earns lucrative income.
  • Only BPO & Contact Center Industry is actually capable of creating new job opportunities.
  • The BPO industry is being positioned to create massive employment by the present government.
  • BPO is one of the largest Employers and can absorb massive numbers of well-trained and certified individuals.
  • Poor-quality talents mean lesser productivity, higher training costs, longer deployment times, inconsistent service quality and lower client confidence.
  • Trained, certified talents are better-performing, more professional, most reassuring for BPO clients and help improve the brand equity of BPOs.
  • Nations need to set up “talent Factories”.
  • This is your Nation’s opportunity to “feed” the BPO industry with internationally credentialed talents.

Indeed, as can be understood, these will also give individuals the much‐needed confidence to think differently and constructively and help them embrace modern principles and thoughts related to jobs, careers, professionalism, work‐ethics and social responsibility. More specifically, we are looking at the following spin-offs:

  • Individuals will get prepared for white‐collar jobs in BPO and other related industries in short‐duration programmes.
  • Many of these individuals will improve on personality, language and behaviour and also improve their overall employability and social manners.
  • Individuals will get exposed to global BPO best‐practices and examples of professional behaviours, which will help them “feel” a part of the larger, more interesting and opportunities‐laden world and hence will motivate them to rise above parochial issues and look ahead.
  • The individuals will get absorbed and assimilated into the “Corporate Mainstream” of Nigeria and develop the much‐needed “economic independence” and intellectual confidence.
  • Will set a wave in motion for others to follow and will set up constructive examples related to self‐development.