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    About BACAN

    Statistics from International Trade Centre indicate that by 2050, 80% of the work force worldwide will be working in services. The growing competitive business environment has positioned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as a key source of competitive advantage. India and China have dominated this industry but as the cost of outsourcing gets higher, companies are looking for other possible destinations. The million-dollar question is; can Sub Saharan Africa be the next destination? The potentials, prospects are bright while the challenges are surmountable.


    Outsourcing Standards and Certification Institute is dedicated to the advancement of outsourcing standards and knowledge and the promotion of best practices in outsourcing management with a focus on Sub Saharan Africa. Standardization of BPO service delivery is critical to successful outsourcing and OSCI will set standards and benchmarks that will aid both the service provider and the user and ultimately grow the industry.


    Outsourcing has its detractors. Some worry about security and the potential exposure of intellectual property or business process secrets. Others fear a legislative backlash to offshore outsourcing practices or are simply uncomfortable with the lack of face-to-face interaction.

    Although some organizations may have these concerns regarding business process outsourcing (BPO), they should also be aware of two realities that are far more preponderant:

    • The advantages – in cost, quality, and agility – can far outweigh the disadvantages.
    • Expanded use of outsourcing is an inevitable component of tomorrow’s business landscape.

    Outsourcing can provide significant value to an organization in terms of cost savings, speed to market, service improvement and access to innovation. But it also comes with significant risk if an organization outsources the wrong scope, chooses the wrong provider, negotiates a bad contract or fails to properly manage the services from the outsource partner.


    Our Core values have shaped the culture and defined the character of our company, guiding how we behave and make decisions:

    Integrity: We write what we do and do what we say. We inspire trust by taking responsibility, acting ethically, and transparently.

    Client Value Creation: We deliver consistently exceptional services to our clients while creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on execution excellence.

    Stewardship: Building a heritage for future generations, acting with an owner mentality, developing people everywhere we are, and meeting our commitments to all internal and external stakeholders.

    Excellence: At BACAN, it's more than a word. It's a way of doing business. We expect nothing less from ourselves and we deliver for our clients.



    • We provide professional training for the contact centre and the BPO industry. We prepare candidates for the rigorous certification process of the OSCI world class certification. We also give specialized training to the candidates in line with the nature of call centres they are going to work in.
    • We offer human resource outsourcing services by deploying and managing certified candidates in call centres and other BPO companies needing their services.
    • We recruit and train for companies on demand with a lead time of 5 weeks before deployment.
    • We offer consultancy services to companies going into the BPO industry in the areas of feasibility studies, managing their entire process including human resource.


    Common Courses for All certification Categories

    • Introduction to the BPO/KPO Industry
    • English Language Proficiency
    • Ms Office Tools
    • Personal Effectiveness Principles and Techniques
    • Essentials of Customer Handling Skills and Knowledge
    • Essentials of Process Handling Skills and Knowledge
    • Help Desk and Tele-selling Proficiency


    • · Basics of Computer
    • · Internet and Browsing Skills
    • · Cognitive Skills
    • · Professional Conduct
    • · Cultural Sensitivity


    • · Professional Conduct
    • · Ms Project Essentials
    • · Business Communication (Physical)
    • · Business Communication (online)
    • · Leadership skills


    • · Business Etiquette
    • · Ms Project Advanced
    • · Business Succession Planning
    • · Lean Process and Six Sigma
    • · Emotional Intelligence
    • · Change Management



    • · Facilitation Skills
    • · Train-the-Trainers
    • · Presentation Skills
    • · Public Speaking
    • · Measuring Results from Training


    • · Negotiation Skills
    • · Proposal Writing
    • · Sales Fundamentals
    • · Overcoming Sales objection
    • · Presentation Skills
    • · Public Speaking


    • · Employee Recruitment
    • · Human Resource Management
    • · Employee Motivation
    • · Business Succession Planning
    • · Job Search Skills
    • · Performance Management


    • · Essentials  of Finance, Accounting & Statistics
    • · Debits and Credits
    • · Accounting Principles,
    • · Chart of Account, Depreciation and Break Even Point
    • · Accounting Basics
    • · Glossary of Finance and Business Terms
    • · Payroll Accounting
    • · Accounting Equations
    • · Account Receivable
    • · Adjusting Entries
    • · Bonds Payable
    • · Cash Flow Statements
    • · Financial Ratios
    • · Financial Accounting
    • · Account Generator in Order-to-Cash Processes
    • · Procure to Pay Processes


    • Knowledge OF Transaction-Based process
    • Getting Organized
    • Getting It All Done On Time
    • Special Tasks
    • Empowering Yourself
    • Working in Teams(Interpersonal Skills)
    • Taking Care of Yourself (Ergonomics)
    • Knowledge of Important Transaction Services Client Verticals


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