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Earning your BPO Certification is a signal to the industry that you’re prepared to take on the world. We provide an intense educational experience designed to prepare you to handle BPO services. The outsourcing industry is searching for proficient and committed professionals, and earning the Certification is the best way to show that you’re prepared to get the job done. Attend the training and pass the certification exam to join this exclusive group of professionals.

BPO Certified professionals are equipped to deliver BPOs that meet the needs of their clients. Holders of our certifications stand out from the crowd because the benefits of this intensive programme are apparent in the quality of their services. There is no other course on the market that offers you the comprehensive information included in this rigorous training we offer through our partners.

BPO is an independent Institute that recognizes industry-wide needs for standardization and education and has responded by offering innovative, programmes and world-class certifications in addition to networking opportunities.

BPO advocates a uniform standardized for the BPO Industry with highly qualified and competent Professionals that serve the BPO industry. We also envision a strong collaboration and synergies between the BPO Practitioners and between the BPO Service Provider organizations for the common benefit of all organizations and BPO Practitioners in the BPO and valuation industry.

BPO’s vision is to create standards and certifications that affect the BPO industry positively and, by extension, businesses generally.